Dubai is the largest city in the Unites Arab Emirates (UAE). It has great importance in the modern world. Dubai has attracted the people’s attention by their large projects and events. Desert Safari Dubai tour is a kind of unique experience that attract the tourists.

 This tour is designed for the people of all ages and everyone can get pleasure from it. There are many adventures included in the tour of Desert Safari Dubai which is highly becoming a source of enjoyment for the people all over the world.

Sand boarding:

Sand boarding is one of the foremost wanted journey sports happening in the Desert Safari Dubai. Sand boarding has gained a vast popularity and become a must-do for everybody visiting Dubai. The abundance of mighty sand dunes with varying heights and slopes helped Dubai as middle for a range of desert-based journey sports.

 If you’re going to visit Desert Safari Dubai wanting to offer sand boarding a hand, then you’ve found yourself at the proper place. In this guide, we’ll take you through the method of finding the most effective Desert Safari Dubai sand boarding experience and facilitate you with all there is to understand concerning this unique desert adventure sport.

Quad biking:

Quad biking is one of the unique adventurous sports in the Desert Safari Dubai. It is a four wheeled fun experience. This adventure has increased the value of Dubai in this modern world. It is a new kind of fun which people experience in the Desert Safari Dubai.

Camel Riding:

Tourists can’t return from Desert Safari Dubai without experiencing camel riding. It is one of the most famous adventures in the desert. Take a camel ride, enjoy the sunset while you’re on the very best sand dune going towards the camp where drinks and dinner awaiting you. This is often an additional personal way to experience the Desert Safari Dubai atmosphere.

Henna painting:

Henna painting is the tradition in most of the Islamic countries. Muslims in these countries use the Henna paste as a replacement for tattoos as tattoos are prohibited by Islam in the Islamic countries. People use Henna because it doesn’t negatively affects the skin and can be totally removed.

Dubai is a country where Henna is extremely well-known. You’ll be able to get henna in the Desert Safari Dubai .The henna painter there will make henna on your hands or feet. It’s is totally natural and painless and therefore the fascinating thing which is included in the Desert Safari Dubai!

Tanoura Dance:

Tanoura dance is a kind of folk dance which is very common in most of the Islamic countries. It is performed by many experienced dancers in a very beautiful way. The beat of tanoura is spiritual and the aim of the dancers is to reach the spiritual inner purity. One can enjoy this amazing activity along with BBQ dinner and belly dance. People can also enjoy the delicious desserts there. It is the most famous highlights of the Desert Safari Dubai.