Egypt is famous for its antiquated treasures and remarkable history, yet, this country has a lot more to offer than you might think. From dreamy waters and extensive sandy beaches to the outstanding architecture and natural treatments, you should definitely consider adding Egypt to your bucket-list. The following are 13 reasons why you should choose Egypt as the next destination.

Egypt is One of the Oldest Ancient Civilisations in the World

Early Egyptian civilisation is definitely one of the most intriguing and oldest civilisations in the world. The Great Pyramids of Giza, which is the only standing ancient wonder, as well as the ancient Egyptian statues and tombs, are a major point of focus for top archaeologists and the global population. The remains of early Egypt civilisation are yet to be uncovered to date.

It is Home to the Longest River on Earth

The title of the longest river in the world belongs to River Nile, which boasts an incredible length of around 6,695 km and drains into the Mediterranean. In addition, tourists can visit numerous attractions situated along the Nile with the most well-known being Luxor and Aswan and book excursions for a Nile Cruise.

You Can Track the Footsteps of Moses

Mount Moses, which is also referred to as Jabal Al Tor, is viewed as a holy site that is frequented by visitors of different religious beliefs including Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. This is the site the prophet Moses, peace be with him, got the divine commandments from Allah. It is situated in the captivating Sinai Peninsula, where many travellers engage in mountain climbing and hiking.

It’s a Playground for Water Sports Champions

Some of the top kite and windsurfing destinations in the world including Dahab, Safaga, Ras Sudr and El Guona are in Egypt. Champions in the sports of kite and windsurfing all around the world make use of these destinations to train due to the perfect weather and steady and safe waters. Looking to join the champions? Good news as Egypt has some of the top kite and windsurfing schools to help improve your skills.

Its Undersea is Extraordinary

One of the best places to dive in Egypt and probably the world is the Red Sea. This is because it offers varying diving locations for a memorable experience. From the shining corals to the brightly coloured distinctive fish species, you won’t desire to get back to the surface. Amongst the diverse diving opportunities offered by Egypt include, walls, wrecks, drifts, shore dives, pinnacles, day boats, and live boards. This is definitely a hub for divers.

The Beaches Are One of a Kind

The beaches in Egypt are stunning, to say the least. It hosts internationally competitive beaches that have golden soft sand and are ideal for honeymooner, family, friends and even solo travellers. The natural pools, crystal blue waters, steady beaches in addition to the wave beaches make it worth the while.

Great Weather Throughout the Year

Considering the varying tourist destinations, it’s always high season in Egypt. Summer offers the ideal time for taking a dip and diving while during winter it is the best time to visit the historic sites since they are mostly located in the desert areas.

Safari Desert Trips Are the Best in Egypt

Considering that over 90% of Egypt’s landmass is desert, it makes it the ideal place for desert adventures. A safari trip is the best way to explore the white and desert as well as the oasis. To enjoy the full experience, don’t miss out on camping.

It is a Hub for Art Lovers and Architecture

Cairo is home to some of the iconic Islamic architecture and artwork, which are viewed as treasures. They are commonly found in mosques that are still standing even after 1200 years, for example, the mosque of Ibn Tulun, the Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan, the Mosque of Muhammad Ali and many more. These mosques are an enticing combination for all the architecture, art, and history lovers out there.

Egyptian Cuisine is Delicious

Considering the influence neighbouring countries in the Middle East have had on Egyptian food, the dishes here are packed with tasty flavours. Egyptian food is not only enticing but it also defines its culture. It is the highlight of any event as Egyptians will always turn to food whether it is during the happy times or times of despair.