The beach is one of the most favorite holiday destinations for tourists. Phuket is famous for its beautiful and exotic beaches, such as Patong Beach. Having a beautiful panoramic view as well as a soothing blue sea, you will be amazed and feel the calm atmosphere here. There are many hotels and inns around the beach that can make your vacation more complete.

Before you book a hotel, make sure you look for a hotel that suits your criteria. For example, if you want to stay at the Best Sea View Hotel In Phuket, you can visit Novotel Phuket Resort. This beautiful hotel has the best sea view of Patong Beach. Just imagine, when you open the window, you will immediately see the fantastic view. To make your vacation at Patong Beach become more exciting, follow these following tricks!

1. Using a high SPF sunblock

Visiting the beach is pleasant during summer. However, you must also pay attention to the health of your skin. Make sure you wear a high SPF sunblock so that your skin does not burn and stay protected.

2. Comfortable outfit

Wear comfortable clothes. Wearing a wide hat can also protect your face from sun exposure. Wear sandals to stay comfortable at the beach. By doing so, you can walk freely without worrying about getting into water or sand.

3. Sunbathing

With the white sand, Patong Beach is perfect if you want to sunbathe with friends. You can sleep for a while and enjoying the sun that works to make your skin looks tanned. You can also enjoy massages offered by residents while sunbathing.

4. Prepare the camera

Wherever the holidays are, the camera is always an important item to catch every moment.

That’s the tips to enjoy the beach. Hopefully, it can make your holiday moments more enjoyable and unforgettable. Happy holiday!