A vacation to Similian Island will be more exciting if it is enjoyed with LiveaBoard way. But, do you know what LiveaBoard is?

LiveaBoard is defined as living on a boat. However, in the world of tourism, LiveaBoard is known as a way to enjoy a trip overnight on a boat.

Similan Islands Liveaboard is indeed very popular among tourists. To experience the experience of staying overnight on a boat, tourists can find a boat on the port close to Similian Island Harbor. You can order the service directly or order it online, you can visit the website at https://www.khaolakscubaadventures.com/Liveaboards.

The size of the ship used by Liveaboard varies from small, medium, to large. Usually, the size of the ship adjusted to the number of tourists who join the tour.

Although rented per boat, Liveaboard tours can also be enjoyed in small groups. Usually, tour operator service providers will join different groups or some offer private Liveaboard packages.

The length of time spent varies. Some offer the experience of staying 2 days 1 night, 4 days 3 nights, some stay overnight up to 7 days 8 nights.

When joining Liveaboard, tourists will stay overnight on a boat in the middle of vast waters. There is a mattress for overnight, bathroom, breakfast, fan, air conditioning, TV and other facilities. All the facilities provided by Liveaboard depend on how much the budget is spent. The more expensive the cost, the more comfortable and complete the facilities provided.

Overnight on a boat is certainly not like staying overnight in general lodging. The situation in the middle of the high seas that is uncertain does require every tourist to prepare themselves as best as possible.

At least, bring 4 basic items such as jackets, sunscreen, sunglasses, and cotton shirts. These four things are very useful. When night falls, the jacket will warm the body from the cold night air and the piercing sea breeze. While during the day, the weather will be very hot. Protecting the body with sunscreen and glasses will make the body feel more comfortable.