The beach feels unusual when dolphins are seen from a distance across the Indian Ocean waters that surround the Maldives. The islands that are a favorite of Hollywood superstars cannot be separated from exoticism and luxury. In the Maldives there are many 5 Star Maldives beachfront resorts with amazing spots, one of which is the Raffles Royal Residence resort. To order online you can visit the hotel’s official website at

Not only that, since 2009, the Maldives government has allowed tourists to stay outside luxury resorts. This policy spurred local communities to open lodging with limited budgets. Now, there are 260 cheap lodgings throughout the Maldives. Cheap Residence is a choice for tourists with a limited budget.

Tourists who go to the Maldives on a limited budget may consider staying on the island of Hulhumalé, Kota Malé, or the island of Maafushi. Alternatively, you can buy a resort day trip activity package offered by the hotel. Through this package, you will feel the atmosphere of the resort for one day. This certainly can greatly save costs compared to staying directly at the resort.

A trip without the luxury of a resort also opens your chance to learn about Maldivian culture. The Muslim-majority Maldives still bans the use of bikinis on public beaches. They also perform religious rituals, besides of course the prayer at the mosque.

The Maldives has a lot of cultures. Each island has a different character and characteristics of the community. However, all are friendly and warm. The hospitality of the Maldivian community will make you feel right at home.

Prohibition of Tourists While in the Maldives

Just like other tourist destinations, Maldives also has several rules that must be obeyed by every visitor who comes. First, always use modest clothing and avoid mini-sized and exposed clothing. If you want to wear a bikini, make sure you are on a private beach that is devoted to sunbathing. Second, avoid buying and consuming alcohol outside lodging. Third, the prohibition of making out in public places for you who come with a partner to the Maldives.

As a side note, the majority of the Maldivian community communicates in the Dhivehi language and is still quite limited in people who can speak fluent English. For that, it is recommended that you go to the Maldives with a tour and travel group to make it easier to interact. Have a good vacation!