Italy is internationally famous as the home of romance, and many people celebrate the musicality and sweet sound of the Italian language in this incredible country.  Italy’s cities, beaches, and historical traditions are praised by travel lovers worldwide, and it is no coincidence that Sicily is the perfect destination for married couples.  The incredible view of a romantic medieval location at sunset, a villa chosen to spend your holidays, and beautiful beaches are what welcome you and make your honeymoon an unforgettable experience. Choose a Sicily honeymoon villa and you will experience an exciting and unforgettable honeymoon with your spouse!

Artistic and Architectural Beauties in Sicily 

Every region in Italy has its own highlights and presents a different way of living the holiday. The magnificent and famous city of Taormina for example, a worldwide famous regional tourist destination, is also loved by couples fleeing romantically on their honeymoon because it manages to combine the beauty of the sea, nature, and history of this beautiful Italian region.

In the ancient town of Agrigento, you can visit the many historical and artistic beauties among palaces, museums, and churches. Agrigento is perfect for lovers of ancient history, who love traveling with their thoughts. Imagining the beauty of a past time, the Valley of the Temples, in the province of Agrigento, is the ideal place to spend a romantic weekend.

A great heritage of Magna Graecia is the most important archaeological park in the world. 1300 hectares of Doric temples, necropolises, shrines, and tombs are located in Agrigento. 

Popular destinations for wedding couples are, for sure, the city of Palermo. Its rich artistic and cultural heritage is a must see! Do not miss to visit also Catania with its famous Etna volcano and the towns of Val di Noto like Noto, Ragusa, and Modica. Choose your best Villa or Hotel with the best room which best enriches your fabulous honeymoon! 

A Romantic Getaway for Your Honeymoon

If you are planning a romantic getaway where to spend your honeymoon, you definitely must surprise your spouse with a beautiful villa where to spend your exciting and relaxing honeymoon. You can choose a villa from those of the Aegidian or Aeolian islands. 

Very few mass tourism visits the Egadi Islands: This is your chance to organize there your next honeymoon. The little islands of Favignana, Levanzo, Formica, Marettimo, and Formica, are places that are really worth of being visited! You will be welcomed by beaches with crystal clear water, tasty food and beautiful panorama views.

In the archipelago of the Aelian Islands, you can find places like Stromboli where a volcano is located, has the same name as the island. Other fascinating sites are Dattilo, Lisca Bianca, Trombolicchio, and Bottaro. If you want to see one of the most suggestive sunsets in Sicily, visit the majestic Castle of Erice. The view from there is impressive, and the whole city of Trapani shines red and pink. By walking through the little streets of the medieval village, you can stop by in the small tiny restaurants that serve tasty local food.