Spaccanapoli is the symbol of the city of Naples. It is a long road that crosses the city and that, as the Italian word says, splits the city into two halves.

Looking from the top of Naples it is possible to realize the sharp separation created by Spaccanapoli even better. If, for example, you go by cable car to Castel Sant’Elmo, you will be able to see the whole city from above, the Vesuvius in its magnificence and also the whole Spaccanapoli road. It looks like a long black corridor.

Spaccanapoli is also known for its large number of venues where you can try a typical pizza and other traditional dishes of Parthenopean cuisine.  There are a surprising number of pizzerias, restaurants, street food venues and gastronomy shops here that make Spaccanapoli the ideal place to have a complete Naples food tour byalways remaining on the same street.

A Naples food tour condensed into a single, long street

If you want to visit Spaccanapoli – and you can be sure that you will want to after reading this article – a couple of hours are enough.  Do you think that it’s too little? Maybe it could be, unless you let yourself get tempted by the thousands of aromas and flavors that will hit you along the way. Spaccanapoli, in fact, seems to have been created specifically to make a concentrated but unforgettable Naples food tour.

Gino Sorbillo decided to open the headquarters of its pizzeria right here. The Sorbillo Neapolitan pizza is now famous all over the world. Get ready for a long wait but an unparalleled taste that will surprise you.

A few steps from this historic pizzeria you can taste an ice cream made exclusively with buffalo milk. In the countryside of the Campania region, in fact, it is somewhat of a holy animal. The consistency of this ice cream is very dense and tasty.

Something that you cannot miss trying out is the Neapolitan cuoppo or a mix of fried fish that you can enjoy while walking.  Even if you don’t like fish there are many other variations with meatballs, vegetables or other foods, all fried of course. You can try a very good one in front of the university entrance.

Why Spaccanapoli is a symbol of Naples

Spaccanapoli is one of the three main streets of Naples which are the so-called “decuman”. Spaccanapoli is the lower one, and the others are the major and upper decumanus. These roads run parallel to each other and cross the city from east to west while always maintaining a position that is parallel to the coast. Although Naples is a maze of narrow streets, getting lost is impossible thanks to the decumanus. They are the bearings for both locals and visitors alike.

The history of Spaccanapoli is very ancient, dating back to the Greeks and then the Romans. They called this street “decuman”.  It became very famous between the Middle Ages and the Nineteenth century due to the large number of convents that were built here, some of which still exist. Also, a great part of the most powerful men of the time chose Spaccanapoli as their home.

Nowadays, Spaccanapoli is a very picturesque street inhabited by a multifaceted population. Tourists love it because while walking through its narrow streets it is possible to take a complete Naples food tour.  Each shop is a temptation for both the eyes and the palate.

There are some of the biggest attractions of Naples on this street: San Gregorio Armeno with its nativity scenes, the veiled Christ and underground Naples. Simply make a small detour in the neighboring streets to discover a hidden marvel!