When it comes to buying a two-wheeler, it is mandatory to buy a two-wheeler insurance. It is one of the most necessary requirements you need to consider when buying a two-wheeler. Indian roads are breeding grounds for accidents and hence, it always pays to be alert, prepared and ready to deal with these incidents whenever they happen. These could cause severe damage to you as well as to your vehicle. In certain extreme cases, your vehicle might get completely destroyed as well. To get protection from the financial liabilities arising out of such situations, you need to have an insurance policy for your vehicle.

Basic features of two-wheeler insurance:

  • Two-wheeler insurance protects the insured vehicle against loss or damages sustained due to a man-made or natural disaster.
  • Third party insurance is mandatory in India, where insurance coverage is provided against legal liabilities.
  • Bike insurance online is the most convenient and the safest way of buying motor cycle insurance.
  • The policy is easily transferable in case of switch of the insurer.
  • No claim bonus is an attractive benefit offered under own damage cover, where the insured is rewarded for not claiming the insurance. The no claim bonus can be earned up to a certain percentage in terms of discount in the policy premium or increase in the sum insured.

Types of Honda Activa insurance:

>Third-party insurance

– Covers physical injury and/or death caused to a third party.

– Damage caused to the property of a third party.

– Personal accident cover to the vehicle owner.

>Comprehensive insurance:

– Third party liability coverage.

– Loss and damage to the two-wheeler due accident, natural disasters, theft, etc.

– Personal accident cover for the vehicle owner.

Insurance offer for Honda Activa:

  • Vehicle loss or damage caused due to natural calamities.
  • Complete destruction of vehicle due to fire, explosions, or due to terrorism act.
  • Total loss because of theft.
  • Personal accident cover for the owner driver.
  • Own damage cover.
  • Third party liability cover.

How to buy/renew an existing insurance for Activa:

  • You can buy or renew two-wheeler insurance for your Honda Activa by researching through the websites of various insurance providers.
  • Compare the different activa insurance policies available and then shortlist your options on the basis of which plan fits your needs the best.
  •  Submit the basic details of your vehicle, like make, model, registration number, manufacturer, and then select the premium amount.
  • Next, submit your KYC details, such as your personal details and communication address.
  • Post submission, you will be directed to the payment page, where you can pay your premiums and purchase the policy. You can also request a call back by submitting your telephone number on the insurance provider’s website and schedule an appointment with an agent.