It’s nice to have a bit of luxury when you travel. Whether you’re renting a nicer car for a business trip or staying in a better place on holiday, that bit of extra comfort can make life so much nicer for a day or two. Of course, money is a finite resource and the desire for luxury has to be balanced with the desire to save money. Just as luxury travel is exploding, there is more interest in budget holidays too. Going Luxury hotels and holidays can help you make the most of your holiday.

At the Airport

Airports can be stressful and annoying, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Spending your time waiting in an airport lounge is nicer than waiting in the public gate areas. Airport lounges aren’t limited to just first-class ticket holders either. You can book online and get a lounge ticket, and enjoy the peace and quiet of the lounge for a while before your flight. Lounges are a nice place to get some work done while you wait for your flight, or just relax in a quieter space.

The Hotel

Luxury hotels offer a lot of nice added extras compared to the average chain. From airport transfers to all-inclusive stays, complimentary snacks and in-room luxuries, you’ll find that a luxury hotel is well worth the expense if you want some lazy days. The alternative option is bargain-basement hostels that are staggeringly inexpensive but bare-bones in what they offer. If all you want is somewhere to lock up your stuff and lay your head at night, that option is there. In between, you have the option of B&Bs and chain hotels that are a good cost/luxury compromise.

There are some brands, such as Hilton, that are known for being truly luxurious and having plenty of added extras, but what makes the Hilton special compared to other chains? Well, look at the extras. A nicer bedroom might not matter too much to you, but what about late checkout, a better food menu, poolside service, and plush pillows? Complimentary refreshments, softer, bigger towels and full-size toiletries can all make you feel more like an honoured guest than a customer and those things start to matter when you’re on the road for a large portion of the year. Many guests do feel that it’s worth paying extra just to get those little niceties so that you can really enjoy the stay.

On the Flight

One recent documentary on Channel 4 looked at Singapore Airlines, which can charge as much as £9,500 for a one-way flight. For that price ticket, you get a private suite with a bedroom, wardrobe, ensuite bathroom, leather chair and your very own 32 inch TV. It’s a long way from the ‘cattle class’ on the short-haul budget flights.

Your Rental Car

You might drive a little old banger at home, but on the road, you can rent something nicer without breaking the bank. The Audi A3 Saloon is a good example of a car that’s a joy to drive with park assist, edge detection and cross-traffic assist. It takes the stress out of driving and lets you enjoy the journey.

Train Travel

If you’re booked on a last-minute train it might be standing-room-only, but a first-class seat is a wonderful option and could give you complimentary meal service and more space and comfort, as well as free coffee refills. Take a trip on Northern Belle and you’ll get to enjoy unprecedented luxury. Interrailing is something most people do as a gap year budget holiday, but Planet Rail can help make it a more luxurious experience all year round.

Budget Coach Travel

MegaBus is popular with students who want to get back home cheaply at the end of term. It’s a no-frills travel service that is good for getting from A to B, but it’s not something you’d want to do for a holiday. Other companies have luxury coaches with onboard kitchen spaces, armchair-style seats for extra comfort, and vending machines with proper coffee. These services will change how you think of coach travel.

Whatever your preference and budget, taking the time to shop around will help you find something that works for you. There are options for everyone.