When you board your Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong from London what comes first to your mind it’s shopping, right? Well, that’s true but apart from this, Hong Kong is also a city that offers variety to taste buds as it is rightly the cookery capital of Asia.

Let us see some of the best restaurants in the city where you should dine at least once. Choosing has been difficult for us as there are more than 11,000 restaurants with nearly 63 of them having found Michelin stars in 2019. The best part in these listed restaurants is they offer different cuisines which include Chinese, European, South Asian, East Asian, American, Australian, Islamic and mouth-watery local Cantonese varieties. 

1. Lung King Heen:

It’s a Cantonese hotel located in the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong and is globe’s foremost Chinese restaurant to bag 3 Michelin stars in 2019. If you’re lucky enough to get a window seat you will enjoy your meals along with having a fantastic sight of the Victoria harbour. Every dish from the hands of Chef Chan Yan-Tak is a tasty Cantonese cuisine.

You must eat roast Peking duck, simmered lobster and dim-sums.

2. Bo Innovation:

It is famous and exclusive for ‘X-treme Cuisine’ that mixes conventional Hong Kong dishes with today’s molecular gastronomy. The renowned Chef Alvin Leung blends strong Chinese culinary art with delicate French tastes to give your taste buds a unique feeling. The dishes change every month and are based on intuition and imagination. For sure you will see the difference between conventional and extremity.

The best part you will be explained about what actually is going down your intestine as you will be explained regarding the ingredients used in the items. Eat their No Shark Fin and foie gras potstickers. 

3. Tim Ho Wan:

It’s a famous dim sum restaurant and also received a Michelin-star but still, it’s the most budget hotel in the vicinity. You not only get a chance to taste 20 dim sum varieties but also can fill your tummies with other dishes like pork buns, steamed beef balls and shrimp dumplings.

The items change every 2 or 3 months and you must try all the items only if your tummy permits.

4. The Chairman:

The authentic retro Cantonese restaurant where you can be guaranteed of tasting some of the traditional cuisines. Since 100 years it’s entertaining guests but isn’t tired, great isn’t it? The ingredients used in the dishes are local, fresh and free of MSG. Even the pigs, chickens, shrimps, fishes and other seafood are locally raised.

The dishes aren’t only delicious but also healthy. Try steamed flowery crab, rice noodles along with small amounts of Chinese wine.

5. Yan Toh Heen:

The food is fancier and so is the place located in InterContinental hotel’s lower level. This 2-Michelin starred hotel shows you Hong Kong Island in its most mesmerizing way besides offering delicious Cantonese cuisines made with seasonal ingredients sourced locally and globally.

The must-eats include crab shell stuffed with crab-meat; green pepper garnished wagyu beef, mushrooms, sea whelk and double-boiled fish maw.

You must also munch crunchy fried rice with crab claw in fish bouillon-the signature dish of Chef Lau. The brews are also exclusive here.

6. Spring Deer:

A classic modest haven that’s strictly local flavor inclined and has been intact since ages. Trust us the feel is modest with simple decor but not the dishes that you place in your mouth. You taste top-notch Peking roasted duck dishes here.

Besides, the menu has the city’s most genuine Northern Chinese–style foods. Seafood, steamed pancakes, chicken and desserts are a must-eat here. You need to book a table in advance especially if it is on weekends.

7. Mak’s Noodle:

If you want to taste the best and authentic Wonton noodle soup in the city then this should be in your list. A pioneer in making soups has been tirelessly giving its visitors the best food known since generations. This conventional Cantonese hotel only serves modest portions but the delicious flavor of the served items will fill your tummy.

Without fail, eat shrimp wonton noodle soup here and also try veggies with oyster sauce, beef brisket in soup, teas and dumplings.  

In addition, if time permits visit Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant and Ahimsa Buffet to experience pure vegetarian and Indian styled dishes.