4 Easy Ways to Earn Money Just by Playing Games

Playing video games is not entirely a waste of money. Some gamers can make money just by playing the game they like. One online game that can make a lot of money is the Situs Judi IDN Poker. Not only tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of rupiah. But many do not yet know that playing games can make money. Not just a hobby or a place to let go of boredom, but can be used as a job that generates a field of money.

Then how easy is it to make money just by playing video games? The following are the details:

Become a Seller of an Account and an Ingame Item

Many video games are played by millions of players every day around the world. Thus the value of a video game account is getting higher. Many new players who don’t want to be tired …


Tips for Making Unforgettable Beach Vacation

The beach is one of the most favorite holiday destinations for tourists. Phuket is famous for its beautiful and exotic beaches, such as Patong Beach. Having a beautiful panoramic view as well as a soothing blue sea, you will be amazed and feel the calm atmosphere here. There are many hotels and inns around the beach that can make your vacation more complete.

Before you book a hotel, make sure you look for a hotel that suits your criteria. For example, if you want to stay at the Best Sea View Hotel In Phuket, you can visit Novotel Phuket Resort. This beautiful hotel has the best sea view of Patong Beach. Just imagine, when you open the window, you will immediately see the fantastic view. To make your vacation at Patong Beach become more exciting, follow these following tricks!

1. Using a high SPF sunblock

Visiting the beach is …


Vacation in Ho Chi Min, Paris from the East

Do you want to have a vacation in Paris? To admire the beauty of old buildings in the Gothic style of France, you don’t need to go far away on vacation in France. Vietnam also presents a variety of tourist destinations that are thick with France’s atmosphere. The place called Ho Chi Minh City. Since France colonized this city from 1859 to 1954, this place is thick with French architecture.

Before changing its name to Ho Chi Minh City, this city used to called Saigon. This city is known as “Paris from the East” because of the beauty of French architecture in it. If you want to visit this city, booked your accommodation in advance. When you have a place to rest, relax and put your bag, you will enjoy the city more. If you’re looking for a comfortable 4 star Hotel Saigon, Novotel Saigon Center could be the …