Delivery service is one of the solutions for some people who do not want to bother to send goods/packages to the destination address. Submitting packages or goods is judged to be more practical and effective. If the expedition service used to restrict any goods that can and can not be sent, currently almost all cargo expedition receives delivery of all goods/packages.

One of the most frequently shipped packages isĀ machinery installation services, both in the form of factory machines and manufacturing, agricultural equipment and mining equipment and other industry supporting equipment. And the purpose of the delivery of this machine is usually with the purpose of the Site and to the plantation or mining far from the city center.

The UK has also been known as a country as a supply center for a wide range of businesses, all over the world. And the UK is a trading center, a wide range of these trades, one of which is a supply for industrial machinery and equipment. Rhenus Lupprians is currently the best service delivery engine in the UK. The delivery service is mostly used by manufacturing plants and suppliers/machinery stores that send the machine out of the city or overseas.

Machines that tend to be big and heavy need special skills in moving it or the process of loading and its work, this is certainly the task of the delivery of machines in the UK.

Sending a machine let alone if the large-sized machine, of course, requires a large vehicle specifically for the delivery of heavy equipment. Only in Rhenus Lupprians provide all the best delivery service needs.

Machine type and mechanical equipment: lathe, Radial Drilling Machine, Vertical Drilling Machine, Milling & Drilling Machine, Tapping Machine, Industrial Bench Drill, Welding Machine, Electric Motor, Hydraulic Winch, Fire extinguisher, Grinding Machine , Offset printing machine, packaging machine/packing, agricultural machinery factory, ATM machine, copy machine, Freezer machine, coffee machine, wooden machine, palm oil mill machine, money counting machine, bread making machine, Ice Cream machine, car engine, motorcycle engine, Pipes, Flange, iron.

Sending machines is certainly not easy, need handling and packing special. The risk of damage to the machine is certainly present, but the risk can be minimized with special packing and proper handlers. Special packing is meant packing using bubble wrap and box/crate that will not be broken when stacked. For large machines that can not be in-packing using boxes/crates will at least be covered by using plastic or cloth so it is safe from water and dust. While for the fare or postage will be determined from the weight, volume, and amount of goods and the destination address.