Are planning a vacation trip to Dubai but are still confused about what to prepare? Dubai itself is a metropolitan city that is always ready to welcome tourists from various parts of the world which continues to grow every year.

Before traveling there, there are some things that we should pay attention to so that the tour becomes comfortable and safe.

1. The Right Visiting Time

In Dubai the sunny weather can be enjoyed almost all year long. October to April is the holiday season and certainly a good month to go on a trip. The weather in these months tends to be cooler to visit the beach and enjoy the beautiful blue sky. Rain in Dubai is quite rare, but visitors need not worry because even though it rains there are still many choices of indoor activities.

2. Buy a Ticket and Choose Accommodation for a Trip to Dubai

Many people choose Dubai as a stopover before continuing their journey to their destination. There are many things we can do in Dubai, so it is highly recommended to plan your trip early to get a tariff that suits your budget. If you intend to travel to Dubai, many things you can do. You can enjoy the beautiful beaches with charming white sand, or you can also do something as challenging as desert safari dubai.

3. Travel with Family and Children

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a safe and comfortable country for traveling with family. Many places offer activities that involve children in a comfortable atmosphere. Children under 12 years old usually get a ticket discount to enter and enjoy the main tourist attractions, including museums, entertainment venues, and other entertainment centers.

If you visit Dubai with your family and children, don’t miss to travel in the desert. Desert safari using a special vehicle while taking a picture with your family is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

4. Dress Appropriate

Religion plays a very important role in the culture and civilization in Dubai. Therefore, when traveling, make sure we have an awareness of the culture and way of life of the local people. It’s best to avoid wearing clothes that are too tight or open in public places.

We can still wear swimsuits or bikinis if at the pool or beach. If you plan to visit places of worship such as mosques, men and women may feel more comfortable wearing loose clothing and covering their shoulders, arms and legs. When visiting mosques and other places of worship, women will be asked to wear scarves.

Those are some tips that you should pay attention to if you visit Dubai. Have a good vacation.