Who does not like the natural scenery? Everyone must love a beautiful place. In Phuket, there are so many exotic tourist attractions. You can also go around Phuket by using the Phuket Private Boat from renting at Isabella Yachts.

Here are some places to visit if you are in Phuket:

Surin Beach

For Thais, this area is indeed very famous and has always been used as the main destination because this beach has white sand that is soft and smooth.This interesting place in Phuket has a greenish watercolor. The beach is very clean. This place is like a special paradise created for Thailand.

Because of this region’s popularity, tourists don’t have to worry about lodging. There are various types of lodging to choose from. Starting from homestays and hostels that have very friendly prices for backpackers, up to hotels with quite high prices.

This area is not only used as a vacation place for middle and lower class citizens. Most artists and the upper-middle-class also use this attraction to find new inspiration.

On the beach, tourists can try a variety of stalls to enjoy many snacks.

In this place, you can try snorkeling to enjoy various kinds of marine life in the north and south coast areas. So, for tourists who want to snorkel, just contact some fishermen who lean their boat in this place.

Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga is one of the bays in Phuket that has extraordinary beauty. This area is located in Phuket (Peninsular Malaysia or precisely in southern Thailand). Through this tourist attraction, Thailand is included in the Guinness book of record because of the 100 islands. Interesting right? This interesting places in Phuket presents exotic limestone cliffs.

In this place, tourists can also enjoy impressive sea caves. One of the small islands there is called James Bond, a name that tourists would recognize, a big star of an action movie. Tourists can also set up tents there, so when the night comes, you can enjoy the star and the night sky. 

You can also Light a campfire and enjoy the fish dish that was caught earlier. While enjoying the night sky, tourists can also see about 200 species of fish and birds.