Not yet known by many people, the small bay of Koh Tachai who is in the middle of the island of Similian offers one of the best diving spots in Thailand. Manta Queen Liveaboard has been exploring it for years. To further inform you about Manta Queen Liveaboard, you can visit

Peace and quiet

No phone is ringing, Incoming email, or noisy friend. Unless you’re in hardness with difficult circumstances, the underwater world of Koh Tachai is an extraordinarily peaceful place. You might think the place is too quiet, but not really. Sounds can penetrate the water, but you will find it difficult to know where it is or how far away the object or what the object is. What you will hear is your voice, which gives you a pleasant feeling.

Healthy coral reefs and diversity of marine life

Although the dive spots are on Koh Tachai near the beach, most are still in good condition. Divers can see hundreds of species of marine life on Koh Tachai.

Access to dive sites

Manta Queen Liveaboard is a Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) award, winners. Manta Queen Liveaboard employs experienced divers in diving. Manta Queen live board gives you the chance to explore the area from ​​Kha Lak to the Surin Island. With complete safety and equipment, the Manta Queen Live Board succeeds in winning the PADI award.

We meet new friends every day

Manta Queen Liveaboards is very fond of diving unite different people from UK, France, Spain, China, to Japan. Divers from around the world come to dive in Koh Tachai and no problem if they are beginner, expertise, businessman or gardener, male or female. Manta Queen Liveaboard is happy to show dive spots in Koh Tachai and its surroundings for curious divers, guide it, accompany and show the beautiful animals under the sea.

There is always a match for everyone

One of the advantages of diving in Koh Tachai is that the dive spots here are very diverse. So, whether it’s Scuba Diving, teaches the Open Water Diving course or accompanying the expert ocean photographer, Koh Tachai is everyone’s favorite place.