Playing video games is not entirely a waste of money. Some gamers can make money just by playing the game they like. One online game that can make a lot of money is the Situs Judi IDN Poker. Not only tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of rupiah. But many do not yet know that playing games can make money. Not just a hobby or a place to let go of boredom, but can be used as a job that generates a field of money.

Then how easy is it to make money just by playing video games? The following are the details:

Become a Seller of an Account and an Ingame Item

Many video games are played by millions of players every day around the world. Thus the value of a video game account is getting higher. Many new players who don’t want to be tired of leveling up or looking for their favorite character choose to buy an account. With so many players willing to create new accounts and raise levels and get rare characters to sell and earn a lot of money.

Become a Jockey Online Game Account

Apart from being an account seller, another easy way to earn money is to become a video game account jockey. If the player has the skills to play high video games or has a lot of free time to play video games. He can provide online game account jockey services.

Become a Game Streamer

The thing that is becoming a trend now is being a game streamer. Especially now the streaming service provider platform for a video game is very easy to find. Armed with the skill to play video games and play games that are liked by many video game players, we can become a game streamer.

Make Online Video Tutorial Games

Many video tutorials available on various video games on social media. Video Game Tutorials have a lot of viewers especially if the uploader is a player with a high level of skill. New players will find out and explore how to become better at playing video games by watching the tutorial