Japan, the hub of technology and innovation in Asia. It is one of the most beautiful countries in Asia. To travel through Japan, you’ll need a visa, and there are 68 countries which are exempted from visa. If you’re don’t have a passport from those 68 countries, you’ll have to apply for Japanese visa.

Japan government offers different types of visas. For example, Japan tourist visa, Japan work visa, and family-related visas. In this piece, we’ll cover all the visa types and tell you about the Japan visa requirements.

Types of Japan Visas

Government of Japan offers the following types of visas:

  1. Work visa.
  2. Non-working visa.
  3. Family-related visa.
  4. Tourist visa.

Work Visa

Japan work visa is for people who’ll have a long term stay in Japan. The criteria for Japan work visa that you should have high skills and knowledge to work in Japan. Jobs like the waiter, construction worker, salesperson, etc. won’t get you a Japan work visa. If you have the following occupation, you’ll get Japan work visa quickly:

  • Engineer
  • Specialist in Humanities.
  • Business Manager.
  • Highly skilled professional.
  • Medical services (like doctor and surgeon)
  • Religious activities (missions sent to Japan from different religious organizations)
  • Legal and accounting.

Non-Work Visa

Non-work visa means that you cannot work in Japan for a long time. You’ll only work in Japan as long as immigration officer allows you. There are some restrictions which come with non-working visa. When you get a non-work visa, you’ll work for specified hours only authorized by the immigration officer. Following people can benefit from the non-work visa:

  • Interns.
  • Cultural activists.
  • Students and researchers.
  • University students.
  • Temporary visitors.

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Family Related Visas

Family-related visas are short-term visas. There are no restrictions when it comes to family-related japan visa. You can work as many hours as you want and you can switch the jobs. Following people are eligible for family-related visas:

  • Children of Japanese nationals.
  • Spouses of Japanese nationals.
  • Long term residents.
  • Permanent residents.
  • Children of permanent residents.
  • Spouses of permanent residents.

Japan Tourist Visa

If you’re visiting Japan for sightseeing or visiting a friend, you’ll need a Japan tourist visa. However, Japan excludes a few countries from the tourist’s visas. If you’re national of EU countries, the US, Australia, and Argentina. You don’t need a visa to visit Japan. You can stay in Japan for three months without a visa.

Japan Visa Requirement

If your country doesn’t have visa-free status by Japan, you’ll have to apply for Japan visa. Following the Japan visa requirements:

  • Valid passport with 6-month validity.
  • Japan visa application form.
  • Recent passport size pictures.
  • Birth certificate (certified copy)
  • Marriage certificate (if you’re married)
  • Return tickets copy. (as a proof of intention to leave Japan after the visa expires)
  • Proof of financial ability.
  • Bank statement (6-moths)
  • Tax return
  • Employment certificate (if you’re self-employed)
  • Schedule and travel plans for your trip.

Visa Fee and Processing Time

Visa fee differs from country to country. The single entry visa fee is around $27, and the multiple entry visa is approximately $56.

Processing time for Japan visa is different. It may take up to 15 to 30-days for visa approval.