If you use Similac, a cow-milk formula, to feed your newborn baby, your child may be exposed to NEC. This results from the company needing to be more upfront with their product, unlike services like motosport, where you can find former customer reviews. Your baby being diagnosed with NEC can also strain your mental health. Therefore, it’s essential to understand NEC and how it can affect you and your infant.

What is NEC?

Nec or Necrotizing enterocolitis is a severe gastrointestinal problem that primarily affects premature babies. The condition inflames the interstitial tissue, which in turn causes it to die. Furthermore, a hole, perforation, may form in the baby’s intestine, causing bacteria to leak into the abdomen or bloodstream of the baby. It usually develops within two to six weeks after birth. NEC can be mild in some infants, and life-threatening symptoms can appear in others. However, 9 out of 10 babies who have NEC were born prematurely, and it primarily affects babies who were born before the thirty-seventh week of pregnancy, those who received eternal nutrition/were fed through a tube in the stomach, and babies who weigh less than five and a half pounds at birth.

NECeffect on adults

Many babies recover fully from NEC. However, some still recover but have to live with neurological and nutritional complications, and some even die. Still, you can get NEC as an adult, although it is not shared. Due to how difficult it is to diagnose and how vague the symptoms are, an NEC diagnosis will only show up once the condition has deteriorated in the intestines. NEC in adults is also caused by bacteria or inadequate blood flow to the intestines. Symptoms of NEC in adults are the same as the ones seen in children, such as low sodium, metabolic acidosis, bloody stool, abdominal distention, bowel thickening, dilated bowel loops, decreased blood pressure, diarrhea, and vomiting.

NEC lawsuit

Parents are suing Abbott Laboratories and Mead Johnson & Company because of the development of NEC in premature babies allegedly because of the consumption of cow’s-milk baby formula as well as financial losses and emotional stress due to their baby’s injuries or deaths. Furthermore, scientific studies have proven that the feeding premature infants cow-milk formulas like Enfamil can increase their risk of developing NEC compared to preemies given human breast milk. Therefore, it’s also been alleged that the companies hadn’t issued an adequate warning to parents regarding the risk of NEC linked to their products as there are no warnings of NEC as a side effect or proper instructions or guidelines for their use, according to the parents, allegedly. In addition, some parents have been advised to keep receipts, proof of purchase, packaging, or boxes from the formula as evidence the baby had consumed the product after being discharged from the hospital, as the baby may have been fed Similac or Enfamil while still in the hospital.


After everything you and your child have suffered from NEC, you must find ways to relax from high stress. This is important as relaxing keeps your heart healthier, reduces muscle tension, improves brain function and memory, and helps you avoid depression, anxiety, and obesity. It’s also vital that you find ways to keep your baby relaxed, as the situation can also be highly stressful for them. After your baby has recovered from NEC, it may suffer long-term health problems. Therefore, you must find ways to help your child overcome issues that may arise due to this.