Mexican Women Worth Remembering

Women have played great roles in history and each country has their share of women to inspire them for their great contributions to their country’s cultural political, and scientific wealth. So it is with Mexico whose great women have made it what it is today by pushing the boundaries and opening new avenues of growth. If you are Mexican, then you probably know who these women are. Otherwise, this article should make you appreciate the people who have made their mark in the history of Mexico.

The first woman was a seventeenth century nun by the name of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz. She was a feminist, writer, and poet and has contributed a lot of writings which remain today. Juana excelled in her studies as a child and soon decided that the life of a nun would give her a better environment to use her gifts. While studying literature, music, science, history, and theology, she continued doing her writings while in the vocation that she chose. She was also known to have corresponded with personalities outside of the confines of her place. She was also known to have written extraordinary and controversial pieces. Her famous poem, You Foolish Men attacks the hypocritical attitudes of women while emphasizing women’s rights in a country know for rampant prostitution. Now long gone, Juana’s writings continue to be an influence to Mexico’s cultural life.

Another great woman of Mexico is a surrealist painter and forerunner of the feminist art movement in Mexico is Frida Kahlo. She was unfortunate to have suffered polio as a young child which left her with a twisted spine and pelvis, and withered right foot. What promised to be a good profession as a doctor as shattered by a tragic accident that left her disabled and in chronic pain for years. But her sufferings proved to be beneficial because it inspired her surrealist painting and self portraits. Kahlo is now one of the greatest artists in Mexico.

Another great Mexican woman is Catirina Galeana Gomez, a teacher during the beginning of Mexico’s literacy program. She entered politics and became the first woman elected in government as a city council representative. The rest of her life was committed to fighting for women’s rights to be heard as equal citizens. Because of her pioneering work, Mexican women of today are now holding political offices.

Thee are just three great Mexican women but there are a lot more. if you have found these stories inspiring, then a visit to their native land would reinforce this knowledge in your mind. The hoteles en Veracruz is a great place to stay if you plan to visit the museums of Frida Kahlo and Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz. Go also to Zihuatanejo where you can find the home of Caritina Galeana Gomez.

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