Using cow-milk Formula

If you use Similac, a cow-milk formula, to feed your newborn baby, your child may be exposed to NEC. This results from the company needing to be more upfront with their product, unlike services like motosport, where you can find former customer reviews. Your baby being diagnosed with NEC can also strain your mental health. Therefore, it’s essential to understand NEC and how it can affect you and your infant.

What is NEC?

Nec or Necrotizing enterocolitis is a severe gastrointestinal problem that primarily affects premature babies. The condition inflames the interstitial tissue, which in turn causes it to die. Furthermore, a hole, perforation, may form in the baby’s intestine, causing bacteria to leak into the abdomen or bloodstream of the baby. It usually develops within two to six weeks after birth. NEC can be mild in some infants, and life-threatening symptoms can appear in others. …